Ambrosia (Hybrid)


Relaxing, creative, divine

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Ambrosia (Hybrid)

Ambrosia is a balanced hybrid, an incredibly delicious mix of the hugely popular Burmese and God Bud strains. This dank bud gets its name from ancient Greek mythology, where Ambrosia was known as the food of the gods. With an aroma of sweet tropical pine, Ambrosia tastes of sweet floral pineapple with a hint of pine on the exhale. Users describe the Ambrosia high as slightly sativa, leaving them awake, functional, and uplifted with a sense of purpose and creative inspiration, probably something like how the old gods felt up there on Mount Olympus. This cerebral head high is accompanied by a mellow and slowly creeping body stone that provides significant physical relief, without too much laziness. This strain can cause mild munchies, so be sure to stock up on hummus, pita, and baklava.

Thanks to its these solid mind and body highs, Ambrosia is an ideal strain for treating conditions such as attention deficit, hyperactivity, anxiety, chronic migraines and tension headaches.


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