GXB (Hybrid)


Cerebral, relaxing, divine

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GXB (Hybrid)

GXB, also known as Burmese God, is a sort of “local exotic”, if there is such a thing. A a cross between Burmese Kush and God Bud, this pungent, sweet, and musky strain was developed here on Vancouver Island. Its illustrious lineage gives it exceptional flavour, with notes of fruit and pine, and versatile, complex effects. GXB brilliantly balances sativa and indica effects, providing a powerful rush of cerebral euphoria, a cranial, uplifting boost of creativity and sociability, tempered by the tranquillity-inducing indica vibe. After that initial hit, smokers will notice the trademark indica body load settling into their joints.

The medicinal benefits of GXB include pain and inflammation relief, increased appetite, and improved sleep. It also helps banish feelings of stress or anxiety, and the mood boost can help to rise above symptoms associated with depression.


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