Pink Panther 1oz (Sativa Hybrid)


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Pink Panther 1oz (Sativa Hybrid)

1oz minimum

Pink Panther is a strongly sativa-dominant hybrid with heady, stimulating effects. It has a lovely aroma of sweet pine and pear, and the taste is a pleasant blend of sweet and earthy flavours. The pungent funk of Pink Panther goes straight to your head, and it unleashes a powerful buzz upon your body. Pink Panther has an energizing effect on your system, helping you to feel creative, euphoric, and very focused, perfectly suited to searching for clues, solving mysteries, and listening to jazz. The sativa dominance of this strain can make the experience intensely psychoactive. At lower doses, this strain has a sunny positivity, but higher doses are not recommended for beginners or anyone predisposed to anxiety. Pink Panther can relieve headaches/migraines, and other stress symptoms, as well as soothing irritability and depression. It can also help with aches, pain, and nausea.


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