Transdermal Patches

Transdermal patches contain active cannabinoids, with an impermeable backing on one side and an adhesive that sticks to the skin on the other. When adhered to the skin over a veiny area, cannabinoids are transferred directly into the bloodstream using carrier molecules.

Transdermal patches are more bioavailable than any other method of cannabis consumption, as they bypass the digestive and respiratory systems. Your skin is capable of absorbing 100% of the cannabinoids present.

The measured dose of cannabinoids in a transdermal patch is slow-released to provide consistent and continual dosage for all-day or all-night relief. You’ll feel the effects within roughly 20 minutes of applying it, and they’ll generally last between eight to 12 hours. With a gradual entry and exit, the overall experience with a transdermal patch is more even and consistent than other methods of consumption.

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